namuk – Outdoor Clothing for Kids

Well – you all know, we love to be outdoor and enjoy nature. So it’s pretty important that our little ones are dressed to play outdoor, without any limitation. Crawling and bouldering up rocks, playing in mud and building little fairy homes – without thinking about the clothing. Which means layers, but not too many – because children are moving and too many layers would be exhausting. So high quality underwear and a not too thick, but warm jacket is a must. And for the trousers – they just need to be unbreakable. 😉 Continue reading “namuk – Outdoor Clothing for Kids”

MAYBE BABY, Tiny Outfits | 1. May 2020

Tiny Outfit – It’s still cold outside!

Well, it’s still quite cold outside. Mostly because it’s wet and windy… so here are some fluffy comfy things, to enjoy the outdoors a bit more! The boots are super super nice, but if your child has slim feet – I would recommend a different brand. 😉 We just layer some socks and it’s fine. The beanie is my absolute favorite… as you might know, if you follow us on Instagram. It’s the softest – and a perfect newborn present, if you ask me! Continue reading “Tiny Outfit – It’s still cold outside!”

MAYBE BABY, Tiny Outfits | 14. April 2020

At the river with reima

Perfect outfit to go to the river, if it’s not swimming season yet! 😉 Our child would go swimming during every weather, though. But that’s another story. We are huge fans of overalls – zack! – the child is dressed with only one piece! No pulling down and down… plus this overall is rainproof and just look at those rubber boots! They go up to size 38 – I’m a 37…. shall I get some matching ones? 😉 Continue reading “At the river with reima”

Presents for a newborn, the Mama & for the sibling

Some of my friend’s friends and some of my friends are pregnant at the moment or recently got a baby. So during the last months I got the same question over and over again. What would be a good present for a newborn? I already made a post about my newborn essentials, when I was pregnant with my first child – these are still awesome presents! But here are a few more, plus some present ideas for the older sibling and I think, it’s always nice to get the new mama something as well. Specially, when it is the second child, since they might have already everything for the baby. Continue reading “Presents for a newborn, the Mama & for the sibling”