namuk – Outdoor Clothing for Kids

Well – you all know, we love to be outdoor and enjoy nature. So it’s pretty important that our little ones are dressed to play outdoor, without any limitation. Crawling and bouldering up rocks, playing in mud and building little fairy homes – without thinking about the clothing. Which means layers, but not too many – because children are moving and too many layers would be exhausting. So high quality underwear and a not too thick, but warm jacket is a must. And for the trousers – they just need to be unbreakable. 😉

So since March we are testing namuk

A Swiss children brand, perfect for every outdoorsy family. The quality is amazing and the colors and patterns are just so much fun. Yeah, in my option this is quite important as well. The sizes are a little bit bigger than you expect – which only means, your child can wear the pieces a bit longer. They even have a reuse shop, where you can sell and buy second hand namuk pieces!

This post contains advertising through press samples and brand naming.

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