ACTION, climb, She wears, WHAT I WEAR | 17. January 2019

Bouldering with prAna

A short walk from our home, is an old ruin, where you can boulder around a little bit. You can even climb up to the top – with a rope of course, but it’s also fun to just play around on the first few meters. A couple of weeks ago (last year, haha) we walked to a Christmas market near by and on the way was “our” boulder ruin. So we made a quick stop and I felt extra awesome in my new climbing outfit. 😉 Hope you enjoy the outfit/photos! Last week a guy in the climbing gym even asked me where this top is from, he wanted to buy it for his girlfriend for Christmas! Lucky girl! Continue reading “Bouldering with prAna”

She wears, WHAT I WEAR | 13. December 2018

What I wear – Mustard Corduroy

The Indian summer is almost gone, but a few colorful leaves are still here. I love, love this outfit! I’m such a huge fan of corduroy, mustard yellow and chunky beanies. This outfit includes all of it! 😉 Plus I think, corduroy pants are the best choice when it come to the colder season, way warmer than a jeans, right?  Oh and waterproof shoes are a must as well! I wore this outfit while walking around the woods and this abandoned train, but also in a restaurant. I think it fits both locations… Continue reading “What I wear – Mustard Corduroy”

She wears, WHAT I WEAR | 11. September 2018

What I wear – Rose by the River

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A few weeks earlier we took a two day vacation and went camping in Vorarlberg, Austria. Just a 40min drive away… next to the river! It was super warm, so we even took a dip at 10 o’clock in the evening. I write this several times here before, but I prefer rivers during summer. They are way cooler Continue reading “What I wear – Rose by the River”

Australia, She wears, WHAT I WEAR | 24. August 2018

What I wear – That one Prana Dress

Summer dresses are extremely comfy and extremely easy to wear. You only need or don’t need panties, shoes and sunglasses. Done! And when it comes to change into a bikini – a summer dress is the perfect chancing room! Yep! This prAna dress is called “seacoast” and I took it seriously and showing you me in this dress at the seacoast – a really pretty and steep one! 😉 Plus, it’s on sale now! Just saying… Continue reading “What I wear – That one Prana Dress”