Living With Kids, MAYBE BABY | 12. September 2019

A teething toddler & Sleepless nights

Wow, teething is no joke! Our little one has only two teeth left to break through… but those last molars are really, really no joke! I’ll celebrate, when it’s over. So here are a view things, that helped her with teething. We used different kinds of teething creme, but this one helped her the most. Everyone is different… Cold water and the oh so loved pacifier helped as well. Her favorite animal and an amber necklace she got from a friends where helpful as well… just comforting and yeah, something from the pharmacy! Oh and she ate a lot of ice cubes! 🙂 That might good as well!
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Living With Kids, MAYBE BABY | 24. January 2019

The Home Bed Nursery – Part Two

It took me a while to get to part two of our nursery tour, but a patient reader reminded me to do it! The reason is probably, that our girl slept quite a while in our bedroom – but now she stays in her own room and bed. (Ok to be honest, most of the time! 😉 ) So the first time a saw one of those amazing “home beds” from Stokke, I fell in love with them. Continue reading “The Home Bed Nursery – Part Two”

Baby Care Favorites

I think, it’s a good thing to have a little ritual, before brining your little one to bed. For us – the baby care part is the best one… taking a bath, washing the hair and getting rubbed try. Also brushing the hair and teeth and sometimes a little bit of cream on the nose! 😉 So here are some nice baby care products, some of them we do use, some of them I just found in the world wide webby land and think they are very pretty as well… 😉 Hope you like! Oh and on-the-go we use mostly some water wipes!  Continue reading “Baby Care Favorites”

Living With Kids, MAYBE BABY | 4. October 2018

4 in 1 – Baby Food with Philips Avent

If you don’t own a kitchen machine and a microwave, this steam cooker and mixer is the tool you need for preparing baby food a lot easier. The Philips Avent 4-in-1 healthy baby food maker can not only steam and puree the veggies, nope – it also heats up or unfreezes the baby puree. You can easily do four portions, I made a couple more (and smaller ones), since our girl doesn’t eat that much. There is also a nice video on the Philips YouTube channel where you can see every step, if my pictures are not enough. All I can say, the baby food maker made it a lot easier to prepare baby food and it took me much less time! Continue reading “4 in 1 – Baby Food with Philips Avent”