She wears, WHAT I WEAR | 10. April 2020

Working in Black & White

Recently I went through all the stuff buried in my working desk. 😉 And I did it in style, because sometimes you just need to get dressed to be motivated. So I even put on lipstick, just because and did throw away a lot of stuff! Felt super good and went right to the digital clean-out! So if you need to get shit done, dress yourself, like you would go to work and just do it… I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one doing this during the current situation. Marie Kondo would be proud, I guess. Hope. 😉 Continue reading “Working in Black & White”

Sunday in Bed with Erlich Textil

We spent our Sunday morning in bed! Which is very comfy, when you get to wear super soft underwear and pajamas. We tested those pieces for a couple of weeks now and let’s just say – this is Clara’s favorite pajama now. Super soft! And the panties I’m wearing are specially made for having a baby bump, also very comfy! I’m pretty sure, I need more of these now! 😉 Continue reading “Sunday in Bed with Erlich Textil”

She wears, WHAT I WEAR | 28. November 2019

Walking through a little gem

Wohooo finally a new outfit post! 😉 We went on a little walk through a really nice place nearby – we didn’t know it before. I am a huge fan of reed (marsh – don’t know the correct word), but I love those areas in nature. And I think my outfit was perfect. The boots are extremely comfy and the backpack is just awesome. Look at the material! Also kept my back warm, because it was colder than I thought! 🙂 Anyway – loved the outfit, loved the place and will come back. Maybe with diapers in the backpack… 😉

Continue reading “Walking through a little gem”