Baby Outfits, FEATURED, MAYBE BABY | 11. December 2018

Baby Outfit – Tiny Adventures

This outfit is a special one – not really because of the outfit – more because of this amazing book! “Tiny Adventures” is a lovely designed book about traveling with kids. There’s something about every topic! From what to pack for the flight, staycations, money, traveling by train and lots of adventure stories from around the world. And you know what? We are in it! Our “Western Australia Adventure” got featured in “Tiny Adventures” – we are very proud. Only thing – we are not living in Munich. We live in the beautiful AllgΓ€u! πŸ˜‰ So here is a little preview of our article and some other amazing stuff! The little wooden persons are from Australia as well, by the way! Continue reading “Baby Outfit – Tiny Adventures”

Baby Outfits, MAYBE BABY | 21. November 2018

Baby Outfit – Into the Forest

Oh this tiny outfits!!! This one is super special, since this jacket was made for Clara – out little forest baby. We chose the fabric and pattern and a friend made this oversized jacket. It’s named after her daughter and is growing with the child. πŸ˜‰ We like! We also like everything knitted and crocheted. Fall we really like you, don’t go over too quick! Continue reading “Baby Outfit – Into the Forest”

Around Iceland – Hiking with Osprey

For hiking in Iceland we were super excited to test the Osprey carrier! My Grandpa carried me in one of those up the mountains when I was a child – so we just had to do same with our little one. And she liked it very much! What can I say? The Osprey carrier is super comfy, has extra space for lunch or rain clothing and even a little mirror, which you can use to see what your child is doing. Or for making fun! Since Iceland I used the carrier for hikes, but also little walks, where I was alone – means no extra person with an extra backpack! Totally works, so much space and I think a big bonus is, that you can adjust the length of the backpack with one move for small people to big ones. So this one we will use quite often! πŸ˜‰

Continue reading “Around Iceland – Hiking with Osprey”