ACTION, ski | 17. January 2019

Skiing Allgäu Powder

Ahhhh – nothing beats the feeling surfing on powder! 😉 No many words here, just a few photos from last weekend, when Mama and Papa got some alone time! We went several hours bouldering in the evening and went up (kinda) early to go skiing. Yes – that’s a date! Can’t wait to lern my girl cruising on skis, down the mountains!

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ACTION, Gear, ski, wishlist | 7. January 2019

Let’s go skiing

Oh dear… if someone had told me a few years ago, that I haven’t skied the whole December and in the beginning of Januar, I would have told them, you’re nuts! 😉 But my priorities changes a little bit and at the moment it it sleep. It’s going better, slowly – but I just couldn’t think about getting up early, during the holidays, when you’r not really have to. Enough moaning – my heart is still beating very loud for skiing. Sorry for the lack of POW-pics – here’s an outfit inspiration! 😉 Maybe next week! Till then – stay safe! Continue reading “Let’s go skiing”

ACTION, ski | 28. March 2017

Zillertal with Peak Performance

Last week Peak Performance invited a bunch of bloggers to enjoy the lovely Zillertal area, to try out some of the many activities, you can do there. Also to taste their yummy culinary! And of course – to get to know Peak Performance a little bit better! For me, the Swedish brand is no stranger and I was super happy to get invited. Mostly I do know Peak Performance from their super nice skiing outfits. Very clean and timeless cuts, plus functional designs and high quality materials. Just how I like it! So here are some impressions, what we did and where we went! Enjoy! Continue reading “Zillertal with Peak Performance”

ACTION, ski | 1. December 2016


“In February 2016, The Faction Collective once again teamed up with Gear4guides on a new project. In conjunction with The Balkan Snow Cooperative and International Peace Park Expeditions, Faction athletes Sam Anthamatten and Arnaud Rougier travelled with Gear4guides to both Kosovo and Montenegro, to explore a cross-border section of the Hajla Peak in the Balkan mountain range.” Continue reading “BREAKING BOUNDARIES IN THE BALKANS with the Faction Collective”