Tiny Outfit โ€“ It’s still cold outside!

Well, it’s still quite cold outside. Mostly because it’s wet and windy… so here are some fluffy comfy things, to enjoy the outdoors a bit more! The boots are super super nice, but if your child has slim feet โ€“ I would recommend a different brand. ๐Ÿ˜‰ We just layer some socks and it’s fine. The beanie is my absolute favorite… as you might know, if you follow us on Instagram. It’s the softest โ€“ and a perfect newborn present, if you ask me!

This post contains advertising through unpaid brand naming.

Beanie: beaniefabrik | Overall: Monkind | Wooden Paint Board: Oekaki Houseย via Cotton Ball | Boots: Bisgaard via zalando | Sheep Toy: Schleich

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