She wears, WHAT I WEAR | 13. December 2018

What I wear – Mustard Corduroy

The Indian summer is almost gone, but a few colorful leaves are still here. I love, love this outfit! I’m such a huge fan of corduroy, mustard yellow and chunky beanies. This outfit includes all of it! 😉 Plus I think, corduroy pants are the best choice when it come to the colder season, way warmer than a jeans, right?  Oh and waterproof shoes are a must as well! I wore this outfit while walking around the woods and this abandoned train, but also in a restaurant. I think it fits both locations… Continue reading “What I wear – Mustard Corduroy”

Baby Outfits, MAYBE BABY | 11. December 2018

Baby Outfit – Tiny Adventures

This outfit is a special one – not really because of the outfit – more because of this amazing book! “Tiny Adventures” is a lovely designed book about traveling with kids. There’s something about every topic! From what to pack for the flight, staycations, money, traveling by train and lots of adventure stories from around the world. And you know what? We are in it! Our “Western Australia Adventure” got featured in “Tiny Adventures” – we are very proud. Only thing – we are not living in Munich. We live in the beautiful Allgäu! 😉 So here is a little preview of our article and some other amazing stuff! The little wooden persons are from Australia as well, by the way! Continue reading “Baby Outfit – Tiny Adventures”

ACTION, AT HOME, Countries, Eat/drink, Gear, vanlife | 1. December 2018

Enjoying coffee outside

Sometimes, even when it’s cold  – it’s more fun to enjoy your coffee and a snack outside. Our girl was sleeping in her pram and we decided to bring coffee time outside, so we would hear her and could stay in the fresh air a little bit longer. Good thing we have an outdoor kitchen aka our van-kitchen. We can place the gas cooker where ever we want to and ready is the coffee. Plus – Continue reading “Enjoying coffee outside”