ACTION, climb, She wears, WHAT I WEAR | 17. January 2019

Bouldering with prAna

A short walk from our home, is an old ruin, where you can boulder around a little bit. You can even climb up to the top – with a rope of course, but it’s also fun to just play around on the first few meters. A couple of weeks ago (last year, haha) we walked to a Christmas market near by and on the way was “our” boulder ruin. So we made a quick stop and I felt extra awesome in my new climbing outfit. 😉 Hope you enjoy the outfit/photos! Last week a guy in the climbing gym even asked me where this top is from, he wanted to buy it for his girlfriend for Christmas! Lucky girl! Continue reading “Bouldering with prAna”

INSPIRATION, lovelythings | 17. January 2019

Lovely Things – Ice Blue

Normally I would say – I don’t like the color blue. And that’s kinda true. I don’t like blue, when it’s a bright tone. But I really like dark, dark blue and very light and pastel blue! Or a grey, with a hint of blue in it. Just in case you wanted to know. 😉 Plus it reminds me of the icebergs in Iceland. Hope you like those gems as much as I do – it was time to do a new “lovely things” post, right? Continue reading “Lovely Things – Ice Blue”

ACTION, ski | 17. January 2019

Skiing Allgäu Powder

Ahhhh – nothing beats the feeling surfing on powder! 😉 No many words here, just a few photos from last weekend, when Mama and Papa got some alone time! We went several hours bouldering in the evening and went up (kinda) early to go skiing. Yes – that’s a date! Can’t wait to lern my girl cruising on skis, down the mountains!

Continue reading “Skiing Allgäu Powder”