DIY – Driftwood Play Station

I have no clue, what the right naming of this thing is. Play station? Activity station? Please, let me know, if you do know. 😉 If you haven’t reconized it yet, I do a lot with driftwood. But I just like it! We even did our wedding arch out of driftwood from the river nearby. So my husband made this little frame and I decorated it. I’m not sure Continue reading “DIY – Driftwood Play Station”

DIY – The Forest Mobile


First, I’m very glad, that nobody could hear me and my heavy swearing, while I was crafting this forest mobile. I love self-made stuff, but I’m not really good at it. It as the go fast, because I’m super impatient. Anyway, I really wanted to this mobile for our little girl and it turned out quite nice, mhm? Oh and just look at this cute Blutsgeschwister baby jumper -I have the matching jacket (look here) and can’t wait to dress our little peanut in it!  Continue reading “DIY – The Forest Mobile”