AT HOME, interior | 31. August 2020

Good Night with Snooze Project

Sleep is something very important. Gets even more important, when you have children… because it gets so rare. It was time for some new mattresses – after 7 years! So I was quite happy, when Snooze Project* asked me, if we are up for testing their mattresses. Yes please! Easy peasy – choose your size  on their website – they have every size, I mean really every mattress size there is and it gets delivered to your door step. Ready to unpack, plus I love the illustrations on the package… Continue reading “Good Night with Snooze Project”

AT HOME, interior | 11. September 2018

Terrace Inspiration

We are currently thinking about renovating/updating our terrace. We have quite a big garden, but no shade during the day. I only realized that, after our daughter started to crawl. Suddenly the girl could move and wanted to discover every corner! The summer was amazing so we went outside a lot and this is when I saw, that our terrace needed an update. A roof for shade an bigger with different stones. We are in the middle of planning with professional help – but in my mind the project is already done and I can decorate it! 😉 Hopefully the husband won’t read this… Here is my little garden/terrace inspiration. Hope you like! Continue reading “Terrace Inspiration”

The forest nursery – Part One

Here is the first part (a second part will follow) of our “Forest Nursery” room tour. Yeah! I’m quite happy with the result and it was so much fun to set up. I’m still well aware about the fact, that our girl won’t spent that much time in here, except for getting new diapers on. But I think, setting up a room for your first baby, is a really nice way to just get into the mood of become a mother. We are lucky enough, that we do have this extra room and I can’t wait to see how everything will be with our little peanut. 😉  Continue reading “The forest nursery – Part One”