Presents for a newborn, the Mama & for the sibling

Some of my friend’s friends and some of my friends are pregnant at the moment or recently got a baby. So during the last months I got the same question over and over again. What would be a good present for a newborn? I already made a post about my newborn essentials, when I was pregnant with my first child – these are still awesome presents! But here are a few more, plus some present ideas for the older sibling and I think, it’s always nice to get the new mama something as well. Specially, when it is the second child, since they might have already everything for the baby.

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Mobile: Calm for Dreamers via | Beanie: Phil & Phae via Kleines Karussell | Babynest: Liewood via Kleines Karussell
Sleeping Bag: aden + anais | Little Bear: Jellycat via Smallable | Flexi Bath: Stokke | Wool/Silk Body: Engal via Lila Lämmchen
Flower Rattle: Sebra via Akomo Kids | Lion Toy: Petit Monkey via Milchwiese | SOS Cream: via Hipp



The Milky Way Shirt: womom | bracelet: Studiobloom | Memory Box: Ferm Living via Smallable
Nursing Tea: Bahnhofs Apotheke via Milchwiese | Mama Book: Mama via Thalia | Motherhood Book: womom
Nursing Shirt: mara mea | Limonade: Schnick Schmack | Booklet Cover: mara mea | Snack: Raw Bite



Stroller brett via Angelcab | Dachs: via Ava & Yves | Baby Mouse: Maileg via Akomo Kids | Cat Purse: Liewood via Kleines Karussell
Matching Sweater & Romper: via Arket | Toy Camera: Plan Toys via Akomo Kids
Doll Stroller: Minikane via Smallable | Doll: Minikane via Smallable

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