Who’s This Girl


I started maybeyoulike in 2011 to keep my internet findings together and it was also an easy way to share them with my friends. Over the past years it became my personal outlet to share everything I like, love and do. Everything means, what I find while browsing through the wordwideweb, in shops, on my travels or in my grandmother’s wardrobe, oh yeah, she is such a fashion victim. 

This girl is me, Sophia, twenty-something, living next to the alps in the south of Germany. I love & live for traveling – exploring new countries and always having an adventure. Besides that my heart beats for the white gold on the mountains during the cold season. In real life, I am a self-employed graphic designer – what I really like. 

Some of you wrote me really sweet mails or had some questions. I try to answer as soon as I can, but sometimes there is too much on my head or I completely forget to answer (shame on me). So I listed some of the most asked questions with my answers for you! 

Can you give me some tips how to start a blog?
Of course! Just start. Find a provider that fits you best. I use Blogger – which I think is the easiest one, at least for me. Think about what you wanna blog about. It doesn’t have to have only one topic, but don’t make to many topics. Make it as simple as it can get, so it’s easy for the reader to navigate through your blog. And then be creative and most important be yourself and not another fashion-blogger-copycat! 🙂

What camera do you use & how do you edit your photos?
I use a Canon EOS 1100D – just bought it. It’s the smallest of Canon’s SLR cams. For editing I use Adobe Photoshop, I usually make my images brighter or darker. 

Can you live from your blog?
No. As I mentioned, I am a graphic-designer. That’s my job and I really love it. If I would live from maybeyoulike I would have to focus more on it, but the thing is, I really like how it is right now. I like being a designer and maybeyoulike is just my personal outlet – if this outlet comes with a little extra income, I don’t say no.

Why maybeyoulike?
Honestly, it just came to my mind. I always liked the sound of the word “maybe” and it kinda runs through all my past user/nicknames. Some of them are really embarrassing…

Can you post more of your outfits?
I wish I would have more time for that. I try to post more of that, but it takes time and I don’t always have a friend/photographer to use. 

I still have some questions, how can I reach you?
Just send an email to sophia@maybe-you-like.com and ask! Don’t me shy. 😉


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