Sophia’s X-Mas Wishlist

Dear Christ Child, I was super well-behaved this past year. I would be super happy, if you could bring some of this amazing things. Maybe a fluffy blanket (via formschön) or this amazing lamp (via snowpuppe), which would fit so good in our kitchen. Maybe some new goggles (via POC) and new skis (via Völkl)? That would be sooooo good! Or a book (via amazon) and a new cushion (via howkapow) for the quiet times… and maybe this cute turtle (via Steiff) to cuddle? Comfy underwear (via Icebreaker) for skiing would be amazing as well! And sneakers…. I always need new sneakers (via frontlineshop)! And that mountain pack (via Juniper Ridge) would be super awesome! So… please? I really want this stuff here. 🙂 

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