X-Mas with Frontlineshop – PART TWO

Yeahhhh I teamed up with frontlineshop to create three outfits for X-Mas!

And here is the second outfit – an outfit for cozy days! 🙂 Again with Element Eden (Enea Pants), the super chunky knit cardigan from MinkPink and two of my longtime favorites in my wardrobe, the Evoc beanie and Adidas Superstars. This outfit is perfect to chill on the couch and making christmas cookies (ok that’s a lie, I can’t do stuff like this, but I sure can eat them…)! And even if you need to hit the store for some last minute groceries – with this outfit people won’t recognize that you where lying on the couch just minutes ago,right?
P.s. The jogging pants are really the coziest I own.

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