Ok. Let’s face it. There is still no snow. I am a little bit angry about that – another not-so-white-christmas? Grrrr…. At least it is snowing up the mountains. Somewhere. Buuuut where I live it is raining and raining at the moment. I have to say, because if that, I have the temptation to just keep this senz° umbrella to myself. 🙂 You have to know, I don’t really own an umbrella, haha. At least not one that is working. Buuuuuut I will be fair, so you can win this amazing shaped “space place” umbrella!
Simply write an email to with “DAY 17” in the subject line to win the umbrella. Raffle ends today at midnight! And don’t forget to give senz° & maybe you like a virtual hug through a “like” on Facebook! Good luck!

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