San Francisco

San Francisco! What a nice city to explore… Very colorful and very uhm, rainy. We spent the first two days of our vacation in San Francisco, meeting up with my best friend and his better half. 🙂 We met for breakfast at Dottie’s True Blue Cafe and after that we explored the city all day long by foot. We walked down Market Street, through the Financial District down to the harbor, from there all the way to Fishermans Wharf. We had lunch at The Codmother Fish & Chips and continued walking all the way to the Crissy Field beach. Sadly the weather wasn’t that good and we couldn’t the Golden Gate Bridge, but we went there the next day anyway to start our road-trip! We discovered a lot of nice places, since we just walked and walked and walked… 🙂 Since I only have my iPhone photos left, I can’t show you everything we saw. But maybe you get a nice impression here anyway! Oh yeah and we also tried the In & Out Burger on our way out from the San Francisco area… I like how simple the menu is! 😉

Here are some tips, if you’re going to visit San Francisco

Where to stay: The Good Hotel (it’s ok, when you only sleep there and spent the day in the city)
Breakfast: Dottie’s True Blue Cafe, Tartine Bakery, Four Barrel Coffee
Lunch & Dinner: The Codmother Fish & Chips, Little Star Pizza, Zeitgeist, Porkstore CafeThe Monk’s Kettle









maybeyoulike_SFO_11 maybeyoulike_SFO_12


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