Hello again – back home!

We’re back home after 3,5 weeks of amazing nature in California and Oregon. It was amazing, we started in San Francisco and met up with our friends. Then we headed to the Yosemite National Park, which was the highlight for the boy, since it’s the place to be for climbers. After that we visited Lake Tahoe and our first stop in Oregon was Crater Lake. Followed by the really amazing Toketee Falls and a lot of great hot springs. Then Smith Rocks and up to Portland…

Portland is a wonderful city, we had a great first day there, really. Then we got robbed. Half of our stuff got stolen. All our climbing equipment, sleeping bag, pants, shoes, jackets, bags and most sadly the full SD card with 16GB of footage from the first 2,5 weeks. All gone… and so many other things. We were extremely sad and still can’t believe it… After that we drove down the coast all the way back to San Francisco.

It was nice, of course, but I couldn’t enjoy it that much, after loosing so much stuff. I really hate this person, who broke in our car, but I can’t change it. Soooo…. We’re back home! 🙂 We just have to go back and do the first 2,5 weeks all over again! Stay tuned for all the amazing places I’ll show you the next weeks!


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