Yosemite National Park

I’m still super, super sad, because of the photos I can’t share. I really do hate this person, who broke in our car. Not only all our climbing gear is gone, also soooosoo many photos. 3/4 of the whole trip and I’m extra sad about the photos I took in the Yosemite National Park, since I didn’t tool that many with the phone. The quality is also not so nice… arghhhh! There where even really cool crack-climbing photos of myself. And believe, good looking climbing images of me are rare.

Most of the time it’s only Chris and me and he always tries to snap some nice images of a climbing Sophia as well, but this is quite hard while belaying. I’m always like “ahhh no, put the camera away, do you really have me? Please make the rope tighter…” and so on. But I felt confident while climbing this one crack and he could take some nice image…. but they are goooooooooooone! And I hate it……….SO MUCH! I’m so, so sad about that.

The Yosemite Valley is one special place and if you’re boyfriend is a passionate climber even more. We stayed at the legendary Camp 4 and enjoyed our days climbing and exploring! Here are some crapy images, gosh this really hurts. 🙁 And all the climbing equipment and cloths you see in the photos – all gone, all! Jackets, pants, backpacks, hip-bag, rope, climbing shoes, sleeping bag, headlamps, quick draws,… argh!!!

Clothing & Gear you see in these images
(if you see something, which is not listed, but you really wanna know it, make a comment!)
HE WEARS: Green Fjällräven Pants & Red Craghoppers Jacket | Blue Craghoppers Shirt | Green Icebreaker Shirt
SHE WEARS: Icebreaker Shirt | Vans Shoes | Pink “noname” Jacket
GEAR: Patagonia Hip Bag | Black Diamond Helmet | Nordisk Tent | Primus Cooker | Fjällräven Backpack
















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  1. Your picture are even great!!

    Thanks for sharing 🙂 I’m in love with the squirrel!!!

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