MAYBE BABY, Tiny Outfits | 22. March 2020

Tiny Outfit – Colorful Pattern for rainy days

I am in love with this pattern! It’s just so super nice and fun to see nice pattern on kids clothing, right? I know, it’s total a matter of taste – but I like this one! Plus it’s on sale right now! 😉 So these are just some things we enjoy right now – huge fans of Erwin Moser and his illustrations and playing with little figures is something on a daily basis! Continue reading “Tiny Outfit – Colorful Pattern for rainy days”

Sunday in Bed with Erlich Textil

We spent our Sunday morning in bed! Which is very comfy, when you get to wear super soft underwear and pajamas. We tested those pieces for a couple of weeks now and let’s just say – this is Clara’s favorite pajama now. Super soft! And the panties I’m wearing are specially made for having a baby bump, also very comfy! I’m pretty sure, I need more of these now! 😉 Continue reading “Sunday in Bed with Erlich Textil”

The New Osprey Poco Plus Child Carrier

We are already a fan of the Osprey child carrier series – so here is a little feature of their brand new child Poco Plus carrier! The most thing I love about the Osprey child carriers – they are so so easy to handle and super quick to adjust! My husband is way taller than me, so when you want to change the carrier from a tall to a small person, there is only one quick handle and you are done! Also so many nice and handy pockets – one has a little mirror in it, so you easily check on the little one…  If you wanna the carrier in Iceland, follow this link (it’s the older model). Continue reading “The New Osprey Poco Plus Child Carrier”

MAYBE BABY, Tiny Outfits | 25. February 2020

Baby Outfit – Waldorf Doll

I’m probably a little bit more in love with this doll, than she is. But who cares! ;)I searched a lot through the internet, to find the perfect doll. I don’t like every face, so I waited till I just stumbled upon the right one… and to be fair – those dolls are quite expensive, so they better be the one! 🙂 I admire the art of doll making… it’s so personal I guess. Anyway! Enjoy this tiny outfit and “Puppi”. Continue reading “Baby Outfit – Waldorf Doll”