ACTION, Gear, ski, wishlist | 7. January 2019

Let’s go skiing

Oh dear… if someone had told me a few years ago, that I haven’t skied the whole December and in the beginning of Januar, I would have told them, you’re nuts! 😉 But my priorities changes a little bit and at the moment it it sleep. It’s going better, slowly – but I just couldn’t think about getting up early, during the holidays, when you’r not really have to. Enough moaning – my heart is still beating very loud for skiing. Sorry for the lack of POW-pics – here’s an outfit inspiration! 😉 Maybe next week! Till then – stay safe! Continue reading “Let’s go skiing”

Baby Outfits, MAYBE BABY | 29. December 2018

Baby Outfit – Knitted Coziness

Again a very earthy tones baby outfit! I’m a little bit envious about the cardigan… sometimes I wanna shrink myself or even better enlarge her wardrobe! 😉 She looks so cute in it, not like a baby anymore. I know, every parent says that – they grow up so fast! But it’s true. Time flies! So yeah, just another litte outfit, enjoy and maybe be inspired for a cozy knitted outfit!
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She wears, WHAT I WEAR | 13. December 2018

What I wear – Mustard Corduroy

The Indian summer is almost gone, but a few colorful leaves are still here. I love, love this outfit! I’m such a huge fan of corduroy, mustard yellow and chunky beanies. This outfit includes all of it! 😉 Plus I think, corduroy pants are the best choice when it come to the colder season, way warmer than a jeans, right?  Oh and waterproof shoes are a must as well! I wore this outfit while walking around the woods and this abandoned train, but also in a restaurant. I think it fits both locations… Continue reading “What I wear – Mustard Corduroy”