Good Night with Snooze Project

Sleep is something very important. Gets even more important, when you have children… because it gets so rare. It was time for some new mattresses – after 7 years! So I was quite happy, when Snooze Project* asked me, if we are up for testing their mattresses. Yes please! Easy peasy – choose your size  on their website – they have every size, I mean really every mattress size there is and it gets delivered to your door step. Ready to unpack, plus I love the illustrations on the package… I know, not that important, but you all know – I’m a sucker for nice design. 😉 And within minutes the new mattress is ready to use! Our daughter was quite happy to make the “jumping around and backflip test”. They passed! And after the first view nights – we are really happy! We could have ordered also one big mattress for our family bed – yep, all four of us are sleeping here, but I am one of those people who stuck their feet into the gap between two mattresses. In case you where wondering. Or not. 😉 I love that everything is so simple. From the ordering process to maybe one very important aspect – the price! I can not remember the price of our last mattresses, we bought in a shop, but I thought, damn they need to last long with this price. But if you have children, sleeping in your bed – it can get messy sometimes (I’m just saying potty training…)! Purchasing a super expensive mattress that gets ruined maybe quite quick is not so nice! So as a young family we love everything about the Snooze Project*! Maybe we need new mattresses for the children beds as well. Good night and snooze on!

This post contains advertising through press samples (marked with *) and brand naming.

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