AT HOME, Maybe Baby | 11. September 2017

Sleep well, Maybe baby!

When you bring your newborn home and the first night is ahead of you, there are suddenly so many questions. What does the tiny one need to wear, how cold/warm is it supposed to be in the room and where should the baby sleep? So. Many. Questions. I wrote several mom-friends and sent them photos of what I thought, our baby girl could wear during the night. Continue reading “Sleep well, Maybe baby!”

AT HOME, Maybe Baby | 30. August 2017

Hello Baby Girl!

Sorry for being not really updating the blog over here… but our baby girl decided to come a bit earlier. So we kinda had to rush to the hospital and I had no time to plan and write the blogposts for the the time I would be offline. 😉 But hey… I guess that’s fine, since meeting and getting to know our little baby girl is way more important and soooo sweet! Oh the smell of a newborn…  Continue reading “Hello Baby Girl!”