BUX – outdoor play trousers without plastic

When we booked the ferry to Iceland I started to think about what to pack for the baby girl. She started to crawl – everywhere, so we definitely needed some mud pants! There are a lot of mud pants, but the only one I found, not using some rubber material, was this one – called BUX*. Cute dungarees for playing outside, made out of organic cotton. Plus it looks and feels super nice! The baby could move without any limitations. I’m pretty sure the BUX will be very long in our life. Very, very long! Just got her onto the waiting list for the local forest kindergarden. 😉 Fingers crossed!  Continue reading “BUX – outdoor play trousers without plastic”

Living With Kids, MAYBE BABY | 20. September 2018

Stokke Flexi Bath – Summer Splish Splash

This summer won’t end! But we are not complaining! The little one loves to take a bath in our garden – in her Stokke Flexi Bath. Which we can put where ever we want, perfect for traveling as well, since you can fold it together. The little cups are her favorite toy at the moment… she love to take a “shower” from the cups and gets never tired of it. 🙂 Oh and my dress fells like the comfiest ever, in case you where wondering!  Continue reading “Stokke Flexi Bath – Summer Splish Splash”

Maybe baby – Mastering baby food

Wow – it took me some time to manage this baby food thing. Cooking and mixing, freezing and to-go-ready! How exhausting… breastfeeding is so much easier, but right after we got back from Australia we started with purees… I won’t write down what kind of food is the best to start with and what you should add/use or not! But I will tell you about some little helpers we used in the baby kitchen! Continue reading “Maybe baby – Mastering baby food”