WHAT I WEAR – Climbing in pink!

First, I have to admit – I’m not the best climber. Most of the time I’m thinking wtf?! How did he/she just climb that, it looks so simple and now I’m just stuck here… and so on. But I love to be outside, I love to discover nice places and that’s also part of climbing. 🙂

Last year, during the Outdoor trade show, I saw this awesome pink(!) Petzl harness. I fell in love immediately! I mean, this harness is PINK – just made for me. Finally, two weeks ago I tried it for the first time and this women harness is super comfy. It has also this little clasp (here in the first image) which you can open, if you need to pee – no need for taking off the whole harness… Also super duper comfy is my new Costa Didriksons pants! You can move, however you want, there will be no pinching at all. Perfect for climbing I would say! My pink whohoo – matchy-matchy – merino shirt from Icebreaker is soft and pink and completes my climbing outfit! Love it!

harness: Thx to Petzl – Selena | pants: Thx to Didriksons1913 | shirt: Thx to Icebreaker

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