#catchmagichour with Peak Performance

There is this magic hour twice a day, where the light is just special! Do you know what I mean? It’s called sunrise and sunset! 🙂 I love those hours – during the week, when I drive to work, I can see the light playing with the mountains and when I drive back, it’s playing with the water on the lake. During the weekends I love to be outside even before the magic hour so I can be somewhere outside, when the sun is rising… and when it comes to the sunset, I love to be with my loved ones. Just relaxing with a cold beer in my hand and watching the sunset. 

Peak Performance has a contest going on where you can post your magic hour moment on Instagram – use the hashtag #catchmagichour  and #peakperformance and you might win some awesome stuff!

The other (really awesome) part of this contest are virtual pop-up stores! Let me explain it to you guys: Peak Performance has chosen special places all over the world where the magic hour is just super duper magic. So when you find out where the places are and go there for the magic hour, the virtual shop will open its doors (on your smartphone) and you can shop selected items for free! Awesome right?! Yes, so go and #catchmagichour!

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