Last weekend was a long one! 😉 We had a holiday on Thursday and Friday off as well – yes, super nice. So we went to the river and had some BBQ, in the evening we went on a spontaneous trip to Switzerland. The husband had the urgent need to climb. As always. And as a good wife, I always support that! 😉 No, really – I love the place we went a lot and even I don’t climb that much anymore, at least not there – I’m always happy to spent time in the mountains! We drove 2h to the beautiful Rätikon, where you can climb many really nice multi-pitch-routes. My part was just hanging around, enjoying the view, hiking and playing “Heidi” on my own. 😉 But I was in good company of 472 sheep. Plus I could watch, my man and our friend climbing, with the binocular and also the climbers in “Silbergeier” and a helicopter rescue – gladly no major injuries after a 30m fall… So be save out there! I’m off to the OutDoor trade show now!





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