Birthday Wishlist for a “mom-to-be”

When you expecting a baby, it’s kinda hard to not wish for cute baby stuff for your own birthday! 😉 But hey… it’s MY birthday and I would love to have some things for myself or the baby, I don’t really care. And all the things I wish for, are not necessary! So I’m also fine without those things, but they’re pretty and fun… Anyway – midsummer aka my birthday next week can come!

Laundry Basket via manufactum | After Sun Spray via Lovely Day | Wesco Bread Bin via amazon | Walkoverall via hessnatur | Octopus via Big Stuffed
Mama Bird Shirt via MEUS | Frida Kahlo book via Quarto Knows | Baby Boots via Birds of Nature | Acapulco Chair via amazon

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