Videos, WANDERLUST | 25. July 2017

Jordan Travel Diary – Movie

Wuhuuuu… it took me, as always, way to long to edit our travel movie from Jordan. But yeahhh I did it! 😉 And I’m happy to finally show it to you… It’s quite long and I’m well aware, that most of you guys won’t watch all of those 8min. But I thought to myself, if we will watch this video in 10 years or so, we’ll be super happy, that it is a bit longer and not only the 3min for the world wide web. It was such an amazing trip, just before we got married. You can read all about our journey to Jordan over here. But now, enjoy the moving images!  Continue reading “Jordan Travel Diary – Movie”

She wears, WHAT I WEAR | 18. October 2016

What I wear – Boho Maxidress

A lot of you guys have asked, where this dress is from, when I posted this photo up on Instagram. 😉 The dress is amazing right? But the scenery around me is even more stunning… We just had to take some photos at the Dana Reserve in Jordan last week. I do look weirdly sad on the photos, sorry for that. I was not sad at all, maybe a little bit tired. Anyway, just take it as a super fashion-model-resting-bitch-face face? Or whatever… 😉 Continue reading “What I wear – Boho Maxidress”

Countries, WANDERLUST | 8. September 2016

Travel Inspiration – Jordan

Yes, Jordan! In less than two weeks we’re flying to Jordan. After realizing we won’t have a honeymoon after our wedding in November (because of that thing called work, you know…), we decided to have a pre-honeymoon! Or whatever you wanna call this. 😉 So we looked at google maps, what destinations would come into question, for a two weeks stay. First we thought about just going on a road-trip with our beloved VW-van or fly to one of those nice Greek islands and do what most people do on their holidays – relax and do nothing. But yeah…  Continue reading “Travel Inspiration – Jordan”