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Yes, Jordan! In less than two weeks we’re flying to Jordan. After realizing we won’t have a honeymoon after our wedding in November (because of that thing called work, you know…), we decided to have a pre-honeymoon! Or whatever you wanna call this. 😉 So we looked at google maps, what destinations would come into question, for a two weeks stay. First we thought about just going on a road-trip with our beloved VW-van or fly to one of those nice Greek islands and do what most people do on their holidays – relax and do nothing. But yeah… Sounded all very nice, but we could do this anytime. So after a while, Jordan it was. I always wanted to go there and talked my fiancé into it. Yeah! (photo in header via Visit Jordan)

I did a loooot of research, since we were not quite sure how safe it would be to travel Jordan. We asked several people who’ve been to Jordan many times and they said, we should be fine. I’ll tell you after our journey, how it felt.

Here are some links to blogs and websites, I found helpful planning our trip to Jordan:

• Elisa of Travelettes –>

• The Blonde Abroad –>

• That Backpacker –>

• Edel Trips (in German only)

Jordanpass –> buy it, if you wanna go to Jordan, you’ll save lots of money, the pass includes the tourist visa, the entry to Petra (which is super duper expensive), Wadi Rum and other attractions all over the country.

• We booked our flights through (nope, I don’t get paid to say this), which had the cheapest options, also for hotels.

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