A packlist for the desert and the red sea

I’m packing for Jordan at the moment and this is what could be handy. A backpack to put everything in – 😉 – try shampoo since I’m not sure how often we will shower, when we are in the desert. Maybe I’m totally wrong and there’re showers everywhere. But in case not, the bottle is also very small though. The climbing guide for climbing in Wadi Rum. A hat and a scarf for sun protection and a white blouse can’t be wrong, when it’s that hot. Sandals where you can walk in the city, but also doing other activities. And most important – since we don’t have our action camera anymore (still hate this guy so much) – I’ll take my iPhone into the water for filming. Thanks to Catalyst it won’t be a problem! 😉  Yeah and a bunch of other stuff…

Fjällräven Backpack | Dry Shampoo via UO | Climbing Guide via Amazon | prAna Trucker hat | Catalyst Case for the iPhone
Hüftgold Scarf via Blue Tomato | Practical Teva Sandals | White loose blouse via Mango


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