SÓLEY – Icelandic Herbs

While my last stay in Iceland, I discovered Sóley. At our first hotel, I was like – “Ohhh, this soap looks amazing!” You all know, I’m a sucker for good product design. At the next hotel, I went under the shower – there it was a again. This well designed bottle, smelling soooo good. After the third time I saw Sóley at the hotels and restaurants in Iceland, I got curious. Who is behind this brand and what is it about? So I checked their website.

“The woman behind Sóley is the Icelandic actress Sóley Elíasdóttir Sóley is an iconic figure in Icelandic film and theatre who has left the stage to focus on her family’s tradition of harnessing the healing properties of Iceland’s native herbs.”

My grandmother got the eyGLÓ as a present, but she didn’t use it, so I was more than happy to take it. 🙂 I love the scent of Iceland every morning! Makes me “homesick for Iceland”, but a smell is better than nothing, right? I need more of this Icelandic goodness to survive till my next visit! 🙂


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