Montenegro –  Crna Gora, black mountain! What a beautiful small country! Amazing coast and countryside in one country. We loved the ocean with the rough coast, just like the mountains and rivers at the countryside. If you want to know the exact spots we went to, just write me an email.

KOTOR – really nice, old seaport with super yummy restaurants. We ate one of the best vegetarian pizzas and enjoyed the old buildings. I liked Kotor very much, but I liked the drive to this city even more. One of the most beautiful coast-roads, if you ask me!
THE COAST SIDE  – My boyfriend forbid me to name the place… but you can write me a mail, if you want to go there. If you love to climb and don’t need any luxury, this is the place to be. It’s a small campsite with a great family vibe. If you would ran from your van/tent to the ocean, jump into the water – it would take under one minute. You can also take a kayak (for free) to explore the many caves around the coast. We even saw a devilfish… we’ll go back to this spot some day!
COUNTRYSIDE & THE RIVER TARA  – The Tara canyon it the deepest in Europe, a fact I didn’t know, till we went there. And believe me, this river is something. Strong, clear and seems so original, so untouched… yeah, sounds cheezy, but it was just like that. If you drive from the coast to the countryside the population gets smaller and sometimes the only people you meet are farmers. Very friendly people, who’ll invite you in a second to join them for dinner and sleep on their property. They’ll share their food with you and a lot of selfmade “Schnaps” – or “Montenegro Antibiotika“! 🙂


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