Our little Forest Baby!

Our little forest baby… she’s everything! The past two month have been so exiting and precious! We’re soaking in every moment with our little girl and are getting used to have this little human in our life. This little human who stole our hearts and slows down our schedule. But we are totally fine with that! 😉 But honestly… everything takes a biiiiit longer. When we want to leave the house it’s always, oh “shit” – we need to change diapers and after that maybe she gets hungry? You never know… and then an hour is gone like nothing. 🙂 So yes. Slowing down, but speeding up at the same time as well! Since this little human don’t want to sleep alone in one of her cozy beds (<– honestly?! If I would have those little sleeping places, we made for her in my size?! I would fluff up and sleep like all the time…), I have to speed up for: eating, getting under the shower, laundry, cleaning, garden stuff and of course blogging! So don’t be mad, when there will be no new stuff in days – I’m on it! Just takes a bit longer now. So – having our little Clara with us, is the best thing that happened! Being a mother is amazing! Scary as well, but that’s part of loving someone that much. Her and her daddy – my favorite humans on earth!

Enough cheesy stuff now – go outside, wander around the forest! Happy Weekend everyone!





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