Baby Outfit – Into the Woods

Oh gosh, I just love to put together those tiny outfits. It is so much fun to dress her in all those cute (and cozy!!!) things! 😉 She throws up or poops in it, minutes after getting dressed… yes, yes I know. Every other mom will smile at me for having so much fun with those cute clothing. Buuuuut I always loved cloths and fashion, so why stop now? Only because it will get dirty in seconds… or the fact she will wear it only for a few weeks? It’s crazy how fast she is growing, but I don’t care! 😉 I will stop writing now and show you a cute outfit. 😉 And there will follow more…

Sweater: H&M already sold out, similar here. |  Pants: H&M  | Bear Toy: Schleich
Book: “Vintage”  – super old, I guess my mother had it, before I had it. | Boots: thanks to Birds of Nature







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