Maybe baby – Second Birthday

So her second birthday is coming up and to be honest – I don’t really know what she really would be happy about? I guess, second birthday – still not really matters to her! 😉 But you know, family and friends want to get her a little something. So this are some ideas I came up! She’s into tractors and dredgers and stuff like that! Also waterproof sandals would be nice and painting is huge as well! Look at the little suitcase – that one might be for me! 😉 Oh and I think a music box would be something… but you know. In the end… she’s happy with mud and stones and sticks! 

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Little Yellow Suitcase via Olliella | Red Music Box via Tonies | Ball from Petit Jour via Konfettiwolke (seen via Pinkepanke)
Painting Toy from Oekaki House via Cotton Ball (also seen via PinkePanke) | Sandals from Liewood via Kleines Karussell 
Vehicle Toys from Dantoy via Smallable

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