Bloghütte – Salzburger Sportwelt 2

I wrote in this previous post about our adventures with and yeay – here’s the second part! Because we did a lot more! 😉 We went on a little hike to Radstadt – which was just so so pretty! The views, the cows and the “Jause”(means something like lunch)! We walked the “Alles Alm” route, which included several stations for kids to learn and find out things about the nature and life in the mountains. Very well done! I loved the mountain huts and the food they served… and after hiking back, we went straight to the lake in Flachau. We had a lot of luck with the weather, but to cool down was essential!

And my highlight of the day, was the amazing BBQ we had back at the hotel. Not really at the hotel – more in the woods behind the hotel! Yes! You all know us – we looooove everything with forests! So Hotel Neuburgerhof offers a BBQ at their Adventure Camp, where you can eat and the kids can explore the wooden tipis or some magical swings! I liked it so much – so thank you for inviting us! We’ll come back!

This post contains advertising, because we got invited to this press event. 

Flachau – Reiteck Badesee 

BBQ Hotel Neubergerhof

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