Little Christmas Wishlist

Christmas is coming up, so time for a little wishlist inspiration. Our girl just started to play pretend with her dolls and stuffed animals. I love to see how her imagination grows… So I think some wooden animals to play with are always a good option. And a car and camera would be a hit as well… We might not buy a swing, she has an awesome grandpa who will probably build one, but books and good cloths are also always welcome. Oh and Clara loooove to pretend to go shopping. She grabs a basket, runs through the house and collects random stuff. So a purse would be handy there, right?

This post contains advertising through unpaid brand naming.

Body: hessnatur | Book: via amazon | Oyster Purse: Don Fisher | Wooden Dinos: via Odin Parker | Wooden Car: Candy Lab via
Swing: Solvej via Little Gatherer | Wooden Camera: via Smallable | Kids Purse: mara mea | Black sweater and black Hairband: orbasics


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