Biking around with PacSafe

A while ago I got introduced to Pacsafe and I thought – how handy this would be while biking around. So here is my way, how to use their “Portable Safe”. When I’m going biking to the city to get some stuff done or just a quick ride into the woods – I always carry some stuff with me. Not necessary super important stuff, but still – you don’t wanna loose it. Or worse, getting it stolen. I just put it into this bag, lock it to my bike and yeay! Nobody can just crab it anymore!

This post contains advertising through press samples (marked with *) and brand naming.

Helmets: Nutcase | Travel Safe: PacSafe* | Bike Shirt: Craft* | Child Bike Seat: Thule Yepp Maxi* | Sneakers: Palladium*

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