Dealing with Morning Sickness

Morning sickness or pregnancy nausea is something not very nice. Some have it, some not. Sadly I have to count myself to the women, who have it. And let’s just say MORNING sickness is not what I had. I felt sick all day long… from waking up, till going to bed. No joke at all, soif you suffer from pregnancy nausea there’s nothing else to say, than “you just need to get through it.” I googled everything. Really. But for me, nothing helped. I just felt sick and threw up. And again. I went to work (what I do regret a little, since it was crazy exhausting) and when I came home, I went kinda straight to bed. This was my life for two month, after that it was over. Gladly! I can’t even think about having this feeling for much longer! Plus throwing up is just ehh…. and ugh…. and the sounds! Uhh….

Here are my tips against feeling sick

…but I really think, there is no right solution. Every woman is different, will have different needs and reacts differently…
this is just what made it a little bit better for me! But you can try it and maybe it helps one of you, too!


SLEEP – The best thing you can do, is sleeping. Because – when you are asleep, you can’t feel, if your sick or not. Makes sense!

STAY HYDRATED – Drink a lot. Tea, water, water with citron, water with cucumber. Water, water, water.

FRUITS – I didn’t eat that much fruit, before I got pregnant. Expect my husband would give me the fruits in slices. But apples were quite the only thing I could eat… plus it’s healthy. 😉

CRISP BREAD & SALTY PRETZELS – I couldn’t stand cooked food. I couldn’t smell or eat it. In those two month, I ate maybe 4 meals in total. The other time I just ate crisp bread, only to have eaten something.

OIL/LOTION – Find a body oil or lotion with a scent you really like and use it. I hate to put lotion on my body, but if you’re at work or some place where suddenly a smell you don’t like comes up. You can tuck your nose to your arm/neck/whatever body part you can find with your nose (oh gosh, that sounds weird…) and smell the scent you like. Ok that really sounds weird. Maybe just take the oil/lotion with you and smell that. 😉

GET USED TO THROW UP – When I was at work, I didn’t want to throw up. But you can’t do much against it… carry a toothbrush with you. 😉

DON’T WORRY – about your baby not getting enough food. I lost weight in the first 3 month of my pregnancy and my doctor said, the baby will take what it needs anyway. So the only person who will “suffer” is you.





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