Crafting with NOCH!

So here is a fun project for christmas! 🙂 Every year my best friend & I making each other an advent calendar. Normally we put the little presents in a shoe box and wrap it with nice paper, but this year I made something special. I thought about building a little winter landscape on top of the box. After getting this idea I searched the internet for “little trees” or “miniature trees” – and guess where I landed? Yeah… you would never expect this: On websites which are selling model trains and everything related to this topic. 🙂
So I thought – wait a minute – in the city where I live is a model train fabric called NOCH. Why not asking them, if they wanna team up with me for this project?! Taking the trees and cute deers out of their “comfort zone” and just use the model train accessories otherwise! This is the result – hope you like it as much as I do. And hopefully my best friend as well!

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