This month Action Girl is Daniela Bily. We have some friends in common, we went to the same events, but never met. Sadly, because she is one of those girls you just know you would get along with her so well. I don’t know why we keep missing each other, but I want to show you, dear readers, a little bit of her. Here is the Action Girl interview I made
with her, enjoy this amazing wild soul! 🙂



What is your name?
Daniela Bily

What do you do for living and where do you do it?

I design, I teach yoga and sometimes I do write in Vienna.

What’s your favorite part of your job?

I love the wide field of work that I can move about freely without running the risk to limitate myself. when it comes to design projects I especially enjoy the beginning of them. there’s this innocent unwritten moment when everything seems to be possible. it’s simply exciting to be able to create and even more when there’s a bunch of cool people to collaborate with. Yoga goes a step further. I can join my love for creating and movement and here comes one more big plus: I can share it with others. writing sometimes just feels like a pain in the ass because words don’t come that easy to me but then on the other side it reveals such unexpected funny and weird thoughts that I’ll never want to do be without it again.

What do you like to do in your spare time?
To play in the great outdoors! Preferably with a board beneath my feet and my friends by my side.

What was your last travel destination and what will be the next? 
I just came back from a surf trip to Fuerteventura and it was so good. Currently the next travel destination is a bit vague. the only thing that’s for sure is that it’s gonna be a longer journey.

Favorite city? 

I am afraid I am not a big city kid although I really like scandinavian cities like Copenhagen and Stockholm.

Are you on Instagram, if yes can we follow you? 🙂  

sure! @smileatyoursister

Show me your 3 favorite Instagram images you took! 

Who do you like to follow on Instagram and why?
I like to follow people who go places and feel pure. @margause @linnklara @brandymichelleyoga to name just a few.

Summer or Winter?

Dress or Jeans?  


Tv-Show or Movie? 


Cheese or Bacon? 


Ocean or Mountains? 

That’s a hard one. Right now I go for ocean.

Name 5 things you can’t live without, when you are going on a road-trip!
My analog camera and my iphone because of my playlists. there’s nothing that can take me 
back in time like music once I’m home again. and I take a sketch book with me, that’s it. I prefer to travel light.

Ok, last question: if you could be an animal, what would it be? (Unicorns and dragons are counting as well!)

A cat.

Anything else you wanna say?

Stay golden.

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