The Home Bed Nursery – Part Two

It took me a while to get to part two of our nursery tour, but a patient reader reminded me to do it! The reason is probably, that our girl slept quite a while in our bedroom – but now she stays in her own room and bed. (Ok to be honest, most of the time! 😉 ) So the first time a saw one of those amazing “home beds” from Stokke, I fell in love with them. I really like decorating our home and the children corners are my favorite! The most thing a love about her house bed is, that you can decorate it in so many ways. Just go over to Pinterest… plenty of options! This is what I did and she loves it! Takes one of the tentacles of the Big Stuffed Octopus and makes “Ai, ai, ai.” So cute… and there’s a lot more, what you can do with this bed – Stokke has some additions like a changing table and a cradle! And if you wanna see part one of the nursery – go over here!

This post contains advertising through press samples (marked with *) and brand naming.

Baby Bed: Stokke Home Bed* | Octopus: Big Stuffed | Swaddle, Crip Bumper &  Leaves Garland: Cam Cam Copenhagen
Handmade Waldorf Doll: Taisiya Stepina | Mountain Cushion: Lovem* | Yellow Leave Cushion: Maililou


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