A teething toddler & Sleepless nights

Wow, teething is no joke! Our little one has only two teeth left to break through… but those last molars are really, really no joke! I’ll celebrate, when it’s over. So here are a view things, that helped her with teething. We used different kinds of teething creme, but this one helped her the most. Everyone is different… Cold water and the oh so loved pacifier helped as well. Her favorite animal and an amber necklace she got from a friends where helpful as well… just comforting and yeah, something from the pharmacy! Oh and she ate a lot of ice cubes! 🙂 That might good as well!

This post contains advertising through brand naming.

Teething Gel: Osanit via shop-apotheke.de| Drinking Bottle: Blafre via daenischer-kinderlanden.de | Amber Necklace: Grünspecht via baby-walz.de
Pacifiers: via Filibabba | Wooden ring toy via LOVEM kids | Fluffy Lion: via Jellycat


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