Burton Spring Summer Lookbook 2017

Burton lookbooks always make me feel going on a road trip with friends. An outdoorsy road trip – wandering through the woods and camping somewhere, up on a mountain. Not in a hardcore hiking way, just having a good time in nature! The Burton spring summer lookbook 2017 is no exception – who wants to book flight to Canada? 😉 The lookbook was captured on beautiful Vancouver Island and now I have fernweh. I’ve been to Vancouver Island two times now and I can tell you it looks exactly like in these images! 😉 Plus I really don’t get enough of the “lumberjack stlye”… Burton, you’ve done it again! Love the whole collection!

My favorite items are these


maybeyoulike_ burton_lookbook_0

maybeyoulike_ burton_lookbook_2

maybeyoulike_ burton_lookbook_3

maybeyoulike_ burton_lookbook_4

maybeyoulike_ burton_lookbook_5

maybeyoulike_ burton_lookbook_6

maybeyoulike_ burton_lookbook_7

maybeyoulike_ burton_lookbook_8

maybeyoulike_ burton_lookbook_9

maybeyoulike_ burton_lookbook_10

maybeyoulike_ burton_lookbook_11

maybeyoulike_ burton_lookbook_12

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