6 years of maybe you like

This one of the first photos I took of myself, to show on maybe you like!

Holy macaroni – 6 years already?! (Ok, 6 years and one month, I’m a bit late realizing it). It definitely doesn’t feel that long to me. 6 years ago I was in a total different stage of live and maybe-you-like.com was more a mood board like Pinterest for me. Just collection photos, items and stuff I liked in the world wide web. It didn’t look as fancy as Pinterest, though! 😉 But it was ok and I have to say, I’m pretty proud what maybe-you-like.com has become! I love to create my own content/photos. I still like to post lookbooks and inspirational stuff, but I really like to go outside, take photos and share this and that of our life. Thanks to all my loyal readers and the brands I work with – you all make this worth doing it! Hope you guys follow along some more years! Ok, that’s all – thank you! 😉

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