Bitter Beats Boring with Campari

Too bitter? Never ever! Bitter is good and boring is for people who always moan around, but never change a thing. If you ask me, live is too short to moan. So if I caught myself moaning around, I’ll just sit down, take a drink and talk to friends. Within a short time you have outgrown yourself, even you didn’t find a solution and just having fun with unrealistic ideas. But everyone can dream right? Having a drink, is something social for me and most of the time, there are good conversations, as well!

Also I like drinks which involve gin, are not sweet and have a nice color – so hello to the the Negroni Week with Campari! “Bitter beats boring” is the motto and I have to say, I like that! On top it’s all for a good cause, the Negroni Week is a charity event, where every bar gives a self-determined amount of money to a charity organization of their choice. The campaign is worldwide, but for some inspiration, I’ll show you a little video about a great barkeeper in Munich, near to where I live.

For more information visit the Campari Facebook & Instagram channels and of course their website!

NEGRONI NIGHTS 3 Freunde Bar Hamburg 23.05.2016




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