Bike Season is starting

Yeah, last week we put our bikes back on track – summer is coming! Ok, first spring – but it just makes me smile! I do smile a lot more, when you have the luck to start biking into the woods, 10 seconds after you left your house. Pretty good, right? So here is some fresh gear to start the bike season in PINK! Yes, yes, I know again and again –pink! But I like pink and I guess I’m not the only one, since you can (finally) find something pink in every outdoor brand range. Jipiieee!

Helmet: POC Octal | Backpack: Evoc FR Trail | Shirt: Gore Base Layer | Shorts: Gore Power Trail Lady
Windbreaker Jacket (packed): Patagonia Houdini | Bottle: Maloja | Gloves: POC Index Flow | Glasses: adidas via Blue Tomato

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