10 Radom Facts September

I love to read random facts about other people, so I thought I start a list over here as well! 🙂 Some might be boring, but it’s your choice to read. If you have any special questions though, let me know. I try to keep it up and write 10 facts every month. Read the first one over here! Hope you enjoy!

  • I do not like to make phone calls. I just hate talking over the phone for longer than 1min. I’m more the texting type.

  • I’ve been to all continents, except Australia. Have to change that soon.

  • I’m obsessed with “Narcos” on Netflix at the moment – we started to watch the second season and only two episodes are left now. 😉

  • I love soups. All kinds of soup. If those boys, who asked me, if I wanna get some ice-cream with them, only had known, that soup would have made it…




  • I didn’t use make-up remover for a long time. I just left the mascara where I put it – and I’m still alive. 😉 But yeah, know I’m older and wiser and use Glov.

  • And if we’re talking about beauty stuff – I never use body lotion. Really hate to put lotion on me… I do use sunscreen, if I have to. But that’s as far as I go. I do use hand lotion from time to time.

  • If I were not a graphic-designer, I would be a carpenter. I love wood, I would love to work with wood.

  • I have a huge shoe problem. I just love shoes too much.

  • I love finding stuff and constantly on the search for hidden treasures. I love to walk along the river, through the woods or at the beach and imagine how I would find a diamond ring from a princess, who lost it while she escaped from her life, she didn’t want. Yeah. But I do find stuff, just no diamonds so far…

  • I love peanut butter and everything where peanut butter is involved.


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