Diary / Planner / Journal / Notebook for 2017

Whatever you call it – diary, planner, journal or notebook – here are my favorites for 2017. I love those analog books, I’m still using pen and paper to organize my life. For me, those digital solutions don’t work, believe me I tried… 😉 But here are some oldies, but goldies – which I showed you before and some new ones, hope the people like me, find the perfect one for 2017! And by the way – how did 2016 went that quick?!

The Daily List 2017 via blacklist. | This is my year via Mi Goals | An Organised Life via An Organised Life | Els & Nel Journal 2017 via Rikiki | Frankie Diary 2017 via Frankie Press | tyyp Kalender via tyyp

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