I can’t wait to finally hit the road again! Last summer we went to Spain and this summer we are going more east – to Montenegro! First stop will be Croatia, then Bosnia and after that Montenegro! We will start next week, so it’s time to pack! There will be swimming in the ocean & relaxing at the beach, but also hiking, climbing & discovering the wild mountains!

sandals: Teva via UO | umbrella: Sunnylife | book: T.C. Boyle | bikini: Mollusk | sunglasses: Frontlineshop | blanket: via Huckberry | bag: Sophie Anderson | peanuts: via Kaufmann Mercantile | hat: Brixton via Blue Tomato



blanket: Rumpl (we bought two twin sizes) | outdoor food: Forestia | boots: Scarpa Primitive | knife: Opinel | first aid kit: Blue Tomato | Shirt: Burton | watch: via Huckberry | backpack: via Frontlineshop | rope: Petzl | bra: Patagonia


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