So next Friday I’m off to Iceland again. This time, for the first time, with my grandmother. We decided (maybe more I, than we…) to spent Christmas in my second home. Since it’s always just us two to celebrate, the plan was made really quick. Flights booked, hotels booked and now we just hope for the best possible weather conditions. 🙂 In Iceland you’ll never know, what the weather will be, so it’s a bit exciting. Hopefully there’s no storm coming up, like some weeks ago – because we want to take a little trip down the south coast. Anyway, this is a little (helpful) packing list, if you wanna go to Iceland during winter:

Seafolly swimsuit via zalando: for the Blue Lagoon or all those geothermal nature pools
Rituals lipstick: those Icelandic girls are super pretty, so take a lipstick to feel a bit pretty as well. 🙂
Petzl headlamp: there will be a lot of darkness, only around 5h.
beanie from POMPOM: it’s cold, it’s windy, just wear a beanie and you’re fine!
John Frida conditioner: believe me, you’ll need plenty of it…
waterproof iPhone case from Catalyst: to take with you everywhere you go, even into the pool
Fluffy Mou boots: warm boots are a must, while winter in Iceland.
yellow Didriksons1913 parka: and a warm Parka as well!

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